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Custom Designs

There are hundreds of companies out there that claim they can cheaply create a website – and they can by using templates that thousands before them have already used. It’s important to remember that you get what you pay for and any individual or company who provides a “cheap” website truly does not have your best interests as priority.

BlueChip Web Services is comprised of individuals who have knowledge and expertise in creating custom web designs that not only fit your budget, but are unique to your business. There are no doubts that having a custom web design will set you apart from your competition. Anyone can build a website using a template – having one built from scratch provides numerous benefits such as:

- Your website in not a “carbon copy.”
- Custom web designs allows for consistent navigation for your visitors.
- The uniqueness will keep visitors at your website instead of losing them.
- Positions you to better compete within your industry.
- Website design solutions means you will have search engine-friendly web pages.
- Your site will be organized and content is easy to find.
- Consistent branding.
- Custom web designs shows your clients you are not cheap – you are truly a professional.
- You will develop stronger connections with your clients.

BlueChip Web Services take steps from initiation to completion (and ongoing support) to ensure your website will stand out above the competition. We are passionate about seeing our clients succeed in their industry.

Your website is your online identity as a company or as an individual. Custom web designs will:

- Best represent you and/or your company.
- Attract more visitors.
- Generate more leads.
- Promote sales of your products or services.
- Gain you a much higher return on your investment.

Whether you need a website built from scratch or you need a web redesign, we will design an attractive, easy to navigate and highly usable website that will earn you respect and credibility. Don’t just stand out in front of the competition – be the competition!