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Landing Pages

If your landing page design is unattractive and is not user-friendly, you will not get a second chance to make that first impression.

The landing page is exactly how it sounds; it is where your website visitors arrive. Keep in mind, this may not necessarily be your homepage, it may be another page within your site. Having a good landing page design will say “welcome” to your visitors and will give them reason to stay and “look around”

The best use of a landing page design is functionality. It needs a customized sales pitch and the best way to do this is to know where they are coming from – or more simply stated, who are you trying to attract to your landing page? Provide a good match and your conversion rate may go up too and this is important.

Well-crafted landing pages greatly increases better conversation rates than just “dumping” visitors into the home page. Providing exactly what your visitors want will give you a captive audience.

BlueChip Web Services know exactly how to create a welcoming atmosphere that gives visitors a reason to remain on your website. Our well-crafted landing page design options provide a strong emphasis on lead generation and this is important to building clients and maintaining satisfied clients. We’ll even provide a professional logo design to help you in creating a proper business image. One thing is certain, BlueChip Web Services are your partner to better visibility and to increasing your sales.

The benefits of having a specially-crafted landing page design are numerous. Some include:

- You are immediately showing your visitor you have what he or she wants.
- They will not want to “click away” to the competition because your landing page has a lure – it’s professional-looking.
- A landing page can be highly beneficial if you use payperclick marketing.