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Arcticle Submission

Article submissions to some directories are released for free distribution. For businesses, this increases the authoring business’ credibility within its specific market as well as attracting potential new customers.

An ezine article submission means you are submitting an ezine (online magazine) article for free to a publication so those visiting that site, can read your work.

There are a plethora of article directories that can be tapped into in which you can benefit from. Like business directories, this can be a very tedious and labour-intensive process. Employing an ezine article submission service can help save you valuable time. BlueChip Web Services provide ezine article submission services that include writing articles based on your specifications and submitting them to article directories.

Having a professional write an article or a series of articles for you is advantageous because if your English skills are not current, then what you write might have grammatical and spelling errors that will reflect poorly on your business. In addition, a professional writer can take many SEO-strategies into account in order to properly maximize your article once submitted.

Article submission to directories is yet another way to create back linking. The article provides a link to your website, which is posted from another website, and the search engines will like that.

We can take the stress off you by providing your business with well-written articles about your products and services. We then not only provide you with a copy of every article, but we submit to a multitude of directories for you. We also monitor the approval process at the directories to ensure the article is posted.

This SEO strategy also has another benefit. Once your article is posted, you can provide the link to your current customers to keep them updated on what’s new. It can also be used to help garner new customers.

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