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Keyword Density and Placement

When writing content for a website it is best to get as many of the keywords that you want on each page, but they need to be strategically placed. If you stuff the first paragraph with your keywords, not only will the content not read well, it will not gain you any credibility with potential customers.

Placing keywords throughout your website will increase your keyword density. Keyword density is a term used to describe the percentage of how many times a keyword appears on a page in relation to the rest of the page. Keyword placements are important in ranking in the search engines on certain keywords. If you use your keywords too much, your density will be high, and the search engines will not like this.

Writing content can be a challenge on its own, writing web content that has keywords strategically placed presents many more challenges that many business owners get stressed over. We have the keyword placement services that can assist you. If you want to write your own content and need it tweaked to include keywords, we can do that. Or, if writing is simply not your forté and you want web content generated with strategically placed keywords, we can that that. We are here to help you maximize your visibility on the Internet.

It’s best to have keywords at the start of the body of the text content and peppered all the way through the content. Being excessive on how much you use keywords on a web page can land you up in the search engines’ bad books. It is recommended not to exceed a keyword density of 10%.

When executed right, web content with keywords will land you in places where you want to be, on computer monitors of potential customers. Writing is an art, and writing with keywords is a marketing tool that is worth investing in.

BlueChip Web Services can help transform current content you have, or can re-create dynamic web content that will impress your customers and potential customers.