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Link Building

Having your website do well in the search engines means you need to have hundreds of links to your website and the mere thought of that is overwhelming.

There are two types of link building, organic and link farming. Organic is the way to go. Many businesses have discovered that their website was punished by Google by slipping in page ranking if they had too many links to their website that originate from websites that had nothing to do with the industry they are involved in. The vast majority of links to your website must come from websites that are somewhat related. From the search engine’s perspective, which makes sense, is that the link page does not provide any real benefit to users and it also skews results returned by search engines. As a matter of fact, using link farms is strictly forbidden by the leading search engine’s terms and conditions.

Some webmasters have created their own link farms. They have multiple domains with a lot of cross linking in the hope that they will fool the search engines.

The only way to do it right is organic, one link at a time. This way you are creating natural link building that all the search engines will like and, in time, it will boost your page ranking which is the ultimate goal.

BlueChip Web Services have link building solutions catered to your specific needs. Not all businesses operate the same and depending on the needs of each individual business our link building services can help you attain your goals.

One way links are generally perceived as being the best way to go. This way the site you are linking from does not tell you, that you must provide a link to them. If you end up with too many links on your website, the search engines may identify you as a possible link farm and you don’t want that to happen.

One way link benefits include:

- No need to have reciprocal links.
- Keyword targeting. Targeting a specific keyword in the text of your link will get you more visibility.
- Builds branding for your business name.
- Increased web traffic.
- Return visitors.