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Web 2.0 Design

We have web 2.0 designs that will boost your image within the online community and can help drive traffic to your site. This is done by tapping into the available web 2.0 technologies and using our website design solutions to maximize the use of tags, blogs, RSS feeds, social booking marking and AJAX.

Once up and running, web 2.0 designs deliver simplicity to you and to your potential clients. The bold and elegant custom web designs offered by BlueChip Web Services provide well-chosen visual elements. Getting visitors to your website is not enough, keeping them at your website using key visual elements is essential in transforming that visitor into a customer or a client.

All websites have goals and each web page has a purpose. We have website design solutions that will turn visitors to your website into clients and before long; your goals will become reality.

If your current website is not doing your business any justice and you need a web redesign, BlueChip Web Services have what you need.

Keep it Simple the Web 2.0 Design Way

On the surface keeping it simple is always best. Getting attention from visitors needs to be positive, not negative. How many times have you gone to a website only to shake your head because it’s too busy or the usability of it is beyond confusing? Even with all the technologies available today, there are a plethora of websites that may have great intentions, but the appearance and functionality scares off visitors within ten seconds of arriving.

We have the experience and knowledge that is required to create custom web designs for you or to conduct a web redesign. In addition, we utilize every technological aspect of web 2.0 designs to ensure you get an outstanding website that will have the competition worried. We do this by offering:

- Website usability design
- Website redesign service
- Web design packages
- Website design solutions
- Custom web designs